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#01  21 : 00

Die Vögel wollten Hochzeit halten   

Christopher Baum / GERMANY / Copyleft / english and german / 32’

In the presence of the director


La chambre de Schrödinger   

Stéphane Drouot / FRANCE /  Free Art Licence / english / 11’

Animation. Bastien is a young man who wakes up every morning feeling that his life has lost all meaning. He feels like the proverbial Schrödinger’s cat : both alive and dead at the same time.


Ventana pulmon   

Francisco Benincasa / ARGENTINA /  Copyleft / Spanish with english subtitles / 15’

Essay. Through the window of his flat in the heart of Buenos Aires, the director discusses the impulse of the other as encounter. His features, brands, skin, the difference intimate. Urgent need to be transformed into a cry of resistance to the mediated relations dramatic and desperate consumption.



Alexandre Callens / FRANCE / Creative Commons Licence / Romanian with english subtitles / 18’10

Documentary. A wandering of a day takes place in relation to a wasteland of Bucharest. What urban landscape is emerging around us ? We are in the center or at the periphery of the city ? What are the relationships between this site, society and surrounding areas ?



Myriam Fontaine / FRANCE  /  Free Art Licence / French with english subtitles / 3’14

What freedom leave us the street furniture and the urban signalling system? A reflection on our movements in the city.

#02 22:45

I don’t speak very good, I dance better  

Maged el Mahedi, ITALY/EGYPT / Self-produced / Arabic with english subtitles / 80’

Documentary that alternates real and fiction moments on today’s Egypt. The narrative starts with Mag receiving a phone call from his family about the emergency for his brother affected by hepatitis C to receive immediate liver transplant. He decides to go to Cairo and finds himself involved in the Tahrir Square revolution.



#03 21:00

All creative work is derivative      (out of the selection)

Nina Paley / USA / 3′



Michael Fleming / THE NETHERLANDS /  Free of copyright / 10’48

About the perpetual image flood we receive daily.

In the presence of the director.


Victor De Las Heras & Anaïs Ibert / FRANCE / Free of copyright / 11’30

Folia is a double bass solo piece written in 1995 by Finnish composer Kaija Saarihao. The film tries to render an account of a personal vision of the piece through the interpretation of a double bass player and the view of two filmmakers.

In the presence of the directors.

Floresta Vermelha        

Flavio Soares / BRASIL / Creative Commons Licence / Portuguese with english subtitles / 19’

Fiction. First film made with an open hardware camera.Nicolai is back in his parents village house. He expects to be part of the family again but what does “being accepted” mean in a place where the forest shines red in the dark ?

Comparing now and then

Nina Wiesnagrotzki / GERMANY /    english /  6’

#4 22:00

Si rien n’arrive

Antoine Moreau / FRANCE / Free Art Licence / French with english subtitles / 3’58

If nothing happens, and what? 

The realist

Scott Stark / USA / Self-produced / 35’

A doomed love story peopled with department store mannequins.

Goodnight Sofia

Leonardo Moro / ITALY /

 Creative Commons Licence /  Italian with english subtitles /  54’

A girl, after suffering a serious loss, goes through the empty streets of a town far away. Where is she from ? What is she looking for ?

#5 0:10


David Le Meur / FRANCE / Self-produced / French with english subtitles / 10’

Paris. Or elsewhere. Who cares ? The scheme of the movie is childishly simple : faces you come across. And that’s it.


Malwina Rzonca / POLAND / Free Art Licence / Polish with english subtitles / 35’

Mashup film, blending different video sources into a single narration. Based on the most important text of Shaktism, a matrimonial religious in Hinduism, the story relates the fight between the demons and the goddess…


Mouton 2.0

Antoine Costa & Florian Pourchi / FRANCE /  Creative commons Licence / French with german subtitles / 77’

Documentary. In machine world, sheep are no more than a factory with meat and the farmer a simple performer at the service of the industry. Nevertheless some do stand up against all of this …



#6 21:00

The testament

Fred l’Épée / SWITZERLAND / Creative Commons Licence / English with english subtitles / 8’02

Visual work featuring the existential correlation between the body and the environment through the notion of the deprivation of time.



Joan Carles Martorell / SPAIN / Creative Commons Licence / Catalan with english subtitles / 17’

Fiction. Erica and Marc, a couple, and their friend, Albert, decide to leave for the weekend on a cruise to sail in the South of Majorca.


Savage witches  

Daniel Fawcett & Clara Pais / UK / Self-produced / english with english subtitles / 70’

Colourful collage of sounds and images. Two teenage girls who want nothing but to play games, dress up and have adventures…

#7 22:45 

Experience 5 / 6   

Ikon Chiba / JAPON /

Free of copyright / 9’39

A film totally out of the size


Le gange en elle

Fabienne Mésenge / FRANCE / Free Art Licence / French with english subtitles / 17’

Essay. The city, place of all desires, where the odyssee of the uncatchable is asphyxiated by the recurrent mind “memory” games, caught between past and future.


“¿Qué democracia?”

 Patricio Escobar / ARGENTINA  /   ArtóCine & Copyleft / Spanish with english subtitles / 75′

Documentary : reflexion about representative democracy.


De la libération du pays cinéma   (out of the selection)

Otto Karl / FRANCE  / 4′

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Complete 4th edition Festival Program

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