Program 29./30./31.08.2014

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Theater orange / Markstr. 24

Free entrance


DAY 1 : 29.08

20:00  Inaugural concert

20:30  #Screening 1

This Land is mine

Nina Paley / 3’40 / english / Copyleft / USA

Nina Paley is one of the main figures of the free culture movement. This land is mine is an animation film about the history of Palestine. It is unfortunatelyjust as relevant today.


Charles-André Coderre / 5’40 / Creative Commons / Canada

Shot on several types of film (16 mm and Super 8) ranging from handmade film emulsion to expired films, H2T takes place in the mighty hotel 2 Tango Montreal / Recording studio.


Anthony Cajan /  10’ french with english subtitles / Art libre license /  France

Maybe a new apartment is not as empty as it appears to be.

100 000

Jean-Philippe Cillard / 8’ / French with english subtitles /  Art Libre License /  France

A story about drugs  deal and luck.

Big Brother

Pierre Folliot / 29’ French with english subtitles / Self-produced /  France

Jean-Marc, married, in his forties, sets up surveillance cameras in his home without telling his wife. He manipulates her and dowloads the videos on the internet to reach a goal :  fame.

21:50  #Screening 2

Tout est faux

Jean-Marie Villeneuve / 81’ / french with english subtitles Self-produced / France

Fred, a man alone in Paris, wanders around during the presidential elections. In the face of a world that he views as more and more fake, he creates his own reality. This film as made with only 2000 euros collected on a crowfunding website.

23:20  #Screening 3

Estudo em Vermelho

Chico Lacerda / 16’ / portuguese with english subtitles / No copyright / Brazil

Estudo en Vermelho (a study in red) adresses two contemporary dichotomies : dividing and ranking of high and low culture and classifying human bodies and behaviors into acceptable/tame and unacceptable/wild. Through the appropriation, reenactment and collage of a number of preexisting texts of varying styles and forms, from music video to educational documentaries, among others.


Fred L’épée  and Kenneth Gentry/ 24’ / Creative Commons / Svitzerland

« I write about the real and unreal, physical and metaphysical: sights and shadows, sounds and silences, highs and lows, good and evil, hope and despair–simultaneously. » This film is based on soluble forms over three dimensions: body, time; and memory. An intrapsychic odyssey through the hippocampus mythology.


DAY 2 : 30.08

14:30   #Screening 4

Les forces vives

Mathieu Kiefer / 54’ / French with english subtitles / No copyright/ France

Documentary. Damien, Raphaël and Renaud, through their music, writings, and routine maintain their resistance in their own way to the system and its « waged worker » fable. They strive to not let the adult in them become the antitheses of the teenager they once were.

En el circulo (Within the circle)

Roi Guitián / 55’ /  spanish with english subtitles /  Creative commons / Spain

Documentary. Loneliness and insanity go hand in hand. « Within the circle » through the experience of creating a short movie in a mental institution, examines the barriers that divide what is « normal » from what is not, the barriers between mentally, insane people and society. The film is thinking about the need of human beings to comunicate. The need to feel, laugh and cry, the need to be.

16:40   #Screening 5


Shahab Ahmadyar / 11’ / Persian with english subtitles./ Copyleft / Afghanistan

The film shows what women’s rights are according to men’s ideas and Islamic chaplains. This film challenges perceived ideas about what women can do according to islamic codes of behaviour.

Diagnostica esperanza

César González / 86’ / Spanish with english subtitles. / Self-produced / Argentina

A child, a dream, and a robber. Life in the slums in Argentina and how the desire-inducing system corrupts humankind across all social classes, and across one family. A fictional narrative played by its real-life characters.

18:20   #Screening 6

Fleabag and Cactus

Nicolas Bianco-Levriin / 4’40 / French with english subtitles / Associatif /  France


Nicolas Bianco-Levrin and Julie Rembauville / 13’ / Associatif / France

Le temps de vivre

Nicolas Bianco-Levrin / 2’57 / Associatif / France

Le machino

Nicolas Bianco-Levrin / 3’  / Associatif / France

Fleabag and Cactus, R, Le temps de vivre and The machino are 4 animation films from a french collective called « Prototypes ».

My arm armed

Mathilde Nègre / 3’54 /  french with english subtitles / Copyleft / France

Animation. Complaint of a policeman who didn’t choose his job.


Paul Mallardet and Charles Pottier /  4’ / Creative commons / France

Animation short film created collectively (« SaAM » (Shots and Assets Manager ») made entirely from free software programs such as Mypaint and Blender.

Song for god

Stefanie Katja Ernst  / 5’ /  english / Self-produced / Germany

Animation film made from drawn and painted stills on paper – combined with realfilmcuts. Experimental, rough but delicate.


19:00   Improvised BBQ grill


20:30   #Screening 7


Pourya Ezzati Pour / 15’46 / Self-produced / Germany & Iran

An iranian artist has lost faith in art, his marriage is a failure and he has a terminal illness.

I play squash also

Sébastien de Monbrison and Pierre Alfred Eberhard / 7’32 /  French with english subtitles / No copyright / France

What appears to be a rendez-vous between a man and a woman in a cosy bar takes a strange twist.

Bloß nicht kleinkriegen lassen

 Lucja Romanowska / 4’15 / German with english subtitles / Creative commons /Germany

A dwarf starts up a new life.


Lucja Romanowska / 6’20 / english / Creative commons / Germany

Lucas is a visual artist from Poland who decides to leave his family and his friends and look for a better future abroad. Will he turn his dreams into reality ?

The rapture

Michael Fleming / 5′ /  Creative commons / Germany

Experimental film

Etat des lieux

Collective / 12’ /  Participative work /  France

 « animadocufiction ». In the presence of one of the filmmakers, Victor de las Heras.

Argentinque & Cinema Libre :  screening by Victor de las Heras of 16 mm experimental films from France :


Victor de las Heras et Anaïs Imbert 12′


Collective film from ETNA, experimental cinema group in Paris. 15′

Retour à la rue d’Eole (Six peintures populaires),

Maria Kourkouta 14′

Circle Dance

Robert Tod 7′

DAY 3 : 31.08

11:00 Brunch on the Hamburg port with filmmakers, open to the public and  discussion about cinema libre.

 14:50   #Screening 8


Romain de Saint-Blanquat / 17′ / Self-produced / France

In a bedroom, two teenagers meet to listen some vynils…


Cyrus Neshvad / 12′ /Luxembourgish with english subtitles / Copyleft / LUXENBOURG

Since Antoine, a doctor who travels around the word, no longer takes the time to come and see her, Renée is convinced that she has been a bad mother.

The master of winds

Harold Charre / 20’ / english & french /  Copyleft / France

A man’s odyssee forced to abandon his loved to cross lands and fighting against the elements in the hope to regain the wonderful object that will allow him to protect his loved one. Dozens of archive images from the public domain in which a few actors were inserted.

Big willow

Jared Katsiane / 10’ / english with french subtitles / Self-produced / USA

My big brother has been friends with Willow for a long time, but today he got really scared that he wouldn’t be around much longer.

Le rogue

Léo Dazin / 12’ / French with english subtitles / No copyright / France

2 mens’ search for an enigmatic creature.


Christophe Switzer / 18’ / french with english subtitles /Self-produced / France

Narvalo is a gypsy word that means a mix of dumbass and dork. A guy called « Narvalo » helps his friend to break into a store.

The convict

Surendra Manan / 21′ / Hindi with english subtitles / Copyleft / India

Away from her home and her family, a sleep deprived little girl works as a baby sitter and home help worker.

17:00   #Screening 9

Le dernier souffle

 Florian Debu / 54’ / French with english subtitles /Creative commons /France

Documentary. Glass workshops are closing down one after the other provoking the disappearance of glassblowers and their ancestral knowledge and trade.

Où étais-je ?

Antoine Moreau / 10’ / Art libre license / France

Where was I – don’t know – it’s here – here it is. Antoine Moreau is a cowriter of the Art libre license.

The other

Valérie Bert / 20′ / french with english subtitles / Self-produced / France

A film based on a Marx text : The power of money in bourgeois society. The filmmaker wants to give a new hearing to this text which, according to her, links money to love.


Natali Ilchuk /5 » / Self-produced / Ukrain

Autoportrait, that means portrait of a car…

Smile of a tear

Natalia Ilchuk / 6’ / Self produced / Ukrain

Mynd Eraser

Michael Jacobson / 8’54/ Creative Commons /USA

The word « mynd » is icelandic and means « picture » or « film ».

How to dance…

Ed end / 8’45 / Creative commons /France


Gerdi Petanaj /4’ /Creative commons  /Italia


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Complete 4th edition Festival Program

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